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Motosport Tiedown Quality???

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Hey everyone, i am looking for some new tie-downs. (Soft Hook, and Cam Buckle style). I am trying to decide between 3 brands: Ancra, Pro-Taper, and Motosport.

Ancra straps are 1" wide and alot of people like them, but it seems like a few people lately have been complaining that the Ancra quality is not what it used to be.

The Pro Taper straps look very nice, and are 1.5" wide. However the Swivel carabiner end is a major turn-off for me, as i do not need a carabiner end, and it appears to be the weak link of the whole tiedown.

The motosport tiedowns are 1.5" wide, and have the traditional black rubber coated hooks at both ends, which is what i like. They have gotten good reviews on motosports site, and the employees claim they are better quality than ancras....But i would like to hear that from someone other than motosport employees.

So has anyone used the Motosport TieDowns???? Are they any good???

What would you guys reccomend???

Also what is a good brand of Fork Saver/ Fork Support?????

Thanks for any help,


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