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pw50 suspension

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we have found no real alternative. keep an extra pair of front forks on hand, they bend easily. we are on our fourth or fifth pair in a season.

if your boy is heavy, you may want to gusset the frame at the neck and steering stem, and at the backbone and frame down tubes. these frames are prone to bending if jumped a lot.

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We had one of these a few years ago and I was looking at moutain-bike shocks as an alternative but I seem to remember finding shocks that were dimensionally correct, but having difficulty tracking down units that weren't too stiff/heavily damped. (Remember you need two of the shocks which are designed to be used singley.)

You should be able to add pre-load spacers to the forks to stiffen them up.

Both "solutions" are less than perfect!

I ended up "biting the bullet" and buying my young bloke a bigger bike that could handle the jumps a bit better, ie a KTM50 Mini-Adventure.


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