I ran my first race yesterday (harescramble), the Hangover 100 in Surry Va. It was colder than !#$!%.

Arived at the track about 9:00 and after sign-up went to warm up the beast and get ready. Not long after we unloaded the "word" had spread that there was a 250f at the race. Soon after, the masses started to congregate and look and ask questions ("hey can I ride it", YEA RIGHT!!! LOL :)). After the "onlookers" were satisfied, and the bikes had warmed-up, We proceded to the starting line.

Picture this, me with my "little" 250 four stroke, against 15 250 two smokes, and 4 400 four strokes(3Yz, 1Xr)in the 250B class. The flag dropped and were off. I got an ok start, 5th or 6th in the woods. Not much passing for a while (too bunched up), till I missed a turn then bounced of a tree (just the hand guards, still on the bike). I only lost two positions, stayed in the same "spot", 8th I think, for about 2-1/2 laps (4-5 lap race, 1-1/2hrs). On the last lap I passed 2 guys, then caught-up to the "KTM guy". This guy and myself traded positions for almost all of the last lap. I'd pass him then he'd pass me back. He "tagged" a tree once and went down, I didn't have time to stop, but tried any way. Well when I did stop I had come to rest on the back of his bike (his rear tire and side plate to be exact). I hit the gas to remove my "monster" from his "wimpy" 380, then promptly jumped into a tree. While both of us were getting untangled we were passed be countless people. After all the "excitement" he got out in front of me AGIAN(!@#$%@#$^@), but I managed to pass him a mile or so from the finish. In the end the "better" man won the battle of the "little" 250F and the "wimpy" KTM 380 guy, HE DID. I made a mistake on the last turn, I went wide and left the door open for him to use his "power". When we came out of the corner we had a 100 yard drag race to the finish. The 250F pulled hard for all it was worth, but could only to manage to stay within two bike lengths of the 380. :D We chatted on the finish line for a while, then went our prospective ways(no hard feelings).

After all was said and done I finished 9th out of 20 riders. Not too bad for a bone stock 250F racing with the "big" boys (I did manage to beat the other four strokes by 8 minutes).

All I can say is, when these bikes get out and race, the "large" bore four stroke will become a thing of the past (in the woods, that is).

To all you MX'ers, thanks for reading about a woods racer.

I plan on running the winter MX series (district 29) to keep in shape for my season opener in March. I'll let you know how it goes. :D




'98 YZ400F

'01 YZ250F

'98 CBR600F3

What do you think of the 250 compared to your 98 yz400? I have the same year and was interested in switching. Thanks.

Excellent! I agree with your comments on the superior handeling of the 250F opposed to its larger brothers. Last year was the first that I didnt compete in any GNCC's or HS events. I never felt strong on my 426 in the woods and stuck to MX and SX races. After one ride on my 250F (only ride :)!!) I already had the urge to get back into the long woods formatt. I am interisted to know if you did any jetting changes to your 250F due to the low temps. I just hooked up with a larger pilot jet and will use the larger of the three mains for an upcoming indoor race. We have way too much snow here to even think of riding. Cross Contry Skiing and my Polaris are taking care of me for now.


The 250F is an absolute BLAST to ride. :) Yea there's not as much power as the 400F, but I'm only a "b" rider and can't use all the power of the 400 in the woods (I race Harescrambles). The best thing about the 250F is you never get tired (physically) when riding this machine. It handles like a dream and pulls very hard for a 250 four stroke (it WILL smoke a 125). I had the idea of keeping both bikes and racing the 400 on the "open" tracks. After carrying both bikes to the track and switching between the two. The "heavy" 400 has to go. Going from the 400 to the 250 is like going from a station wagon(big and bulky) to an Indy car(light and handles great). Going from the 250 to the 400 gives you the same feeling as when your wife says you can't go racing because her mother is comming over for the day :D.All I can really say about the 250F is you can ride it all day as hard as you want and not get tired while you "think"(YES it does turn that easy) :D it around the corners.


I have not changed the jetting yet. I have gone to 2 3/4 out on the pilot screw ("air" screw) and gone out 3/4 of a turn on the accelorator pump screw. This helped the "bog" a very small amount, but it's still there. I'm planning to play with the jetting when the weather gets back to "normal". I'm going to try one size leaner on the pilot and one larger on the main, then if it's needed maby one clip up (to lean it out down low-mid).

Let me know how your jetting works out (I can always use the help).


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Thanks for the info.

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