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i run a perelli scorpion midsoft 10-2.50 up front and a 10-2.75 midhard in the rear, the midhard has awesome wear resistance vs the midsoft with has more traction on softer surfaces but wears quickly on hard surfaces like concrete, if you spend a decent amount of time on concrete i would say get the midhard, if your mainly bogging around in the bush and trails, youll love the traction the midsoft offers you plus its a little wider even though they both say "10-2.75", i would recommend there tires to anyone on a 50, the knobs are large so they wont tear easily and will easily bite into the dirt.

ill be going back to midsoft after my midhard is done (i like the wide spacing between centre knobs for riding in sand,mud etc opposed to the midhard witch is more for harder surfaces.)

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