another metal shavings thread

i changed the oil in my bike the other day, it was long overdue, and i found a lot of metal shavings in the oil, and filter. the bike runs good, little tired, but good. clutch works fine. but could the shaving be clutch material? ive had the bike for over 5 years and never even looked at the clutch? would a lot of shavings be a sign of it going out?


any ideas? there was a LOT more shavings than normal

" was long overdue"...

That alone would explain the increase in the volume of shavings. Change it again at a more normal interval and see what it looks like.

ill change it after this weekend then

Look down at the cam drive gear on the crank! I had the same in my filter and found the chain had just eaten it all to shread's. it's also a stright shot to the oil pump pick up !

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if the shavings are more than normal after a few regular oil changes, ill give that a look.

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