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Rfk 4/18/10

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Any one else doing the Ride for Kids on 4/18?

itll be the 1 year anniversary for me getting back into riding, as this was my first ride ever on my Z.

It's a dual sport ride, staging out of glen helen raceway.

last year it was something along the lines of 126 miles?

proceeds go to the pediatric brain tumor foundation

dad has been doing the street rides for years, as one of our close neighbors benefited directly from that foundation.

anywho, given how long of a ride it is, looking for partners, or a group to do it with.

last year i did the easy routes๐Ÿคฃ

but this year i'm ready to step it up a notch, seeing how i've greatly improved mah skillz ๐Ÿ‘

anyone looking for a partner?

or any groups able to add one more?

thanks in advanced!

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Hey guys, this is a really fun ride! I really suggest this for the dual sporters out there!

And the money goes to a very good cause!

Ethan, maybe posting this in the dual sport forum would get more interest?

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Here's the official link to the event: http://www.pbtfus.org/rideforkids/calendar/2010/southerncalifornia.html

Last time I did this ride on an XT225 and really had a great time. This year I'm doing it on my new (to me) KTM 400 EXC and am sure I'm going to have even more fun!

Staging is out of Glen Helen Raceway:



Bring your MX bike and hit the track for a little after the ride (if you still have enough energy that is!).

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I am going to try for this. Lets all get together in a local spot and meet. Like one of the fast food or gas stations off of Sierra and the 15.

While I don't know the area worth diddly, and almost got lost last year looking for the place, i'm definitely down to do that.

its a pity the map joel posted is so bad.

super excited for this ride, even replaced the master cylinder on my rear brake !

palmer, since you probably know the area well (browsing other posts seems like you ride off the 15 quite a bit) you want to pick a place that would serve as a decent meeting place?

it'll be an early morning for joel and I, so somewhere with coffee would probably be best ๐Ÿ‘

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I need to get all the particulars together to make sure I can make it happen for me. Once I figure that out and get my chit together I can give you a definite answer. If that sounds like a good place to meet/eat/greet than do you like Jack or Del? Jack has a good meat breakfast burrito, not sure about Del Taco or the free pancake is good enough.

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I am definitely 100% IN on this ride now. Just trying to decide whether I'm going to dual sport my bike up there or borrow my girlfriend's pickup and haul it.

See you all there on the 18th!

remember my suggestion if you try to dual sport it!

wear a diaper!๐Ÿคฃ

that thing has vibrations that would get any girl off. (please dont ban me)๐Ÿ‘

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