wr450 turn!

I own a wr450 08.Not like to turn. The bike feel fat, lot of problems to turn (feel a lot of upper weight) . Any mod to do?

Current mods

steering damper scott

fmf exhaust

ais removed

Yesterday i ride a partner cr450 08 and the bike is by far easy to ride but a few problems to start. I feel like other rider. Thinking in change the biike for 250f or 250 2 stoke. But I like the starter. The yz250f is easy to start?

get in better shape:thumbsup: ride more.

Make sure your sag is set at 100mm at most, slide forks up 5-10mm in the clamps. This will get rid of some of the squat and make the bike turn a lot better. If you weigh more than 185lbs you're going to need heavier springs to get the right sag numbers, do a full revalve if you want the ultimate.

I shaved my seat down which allows me to sit a bit lower in a turn. that has helped. x2 on the suspension set up.

I made a rekluxe e axle work on my 04

It will never be a Honda but it helped a ton

Gave the bike a different feel

As others have stated, set your sag (http://www.tootechracing.com/suspension_tips.htm), slide the fork tubes up a few millimeters (about 3mm to start which is 1/8 inch), check front tire/psi and maybe take a look at body positioning in corners.

WR's love to push in corners. It has some to do with the rake of the front end. Playing with the fork height will help. Make sure they are even or else that will cause issues in it self. Seat time will help out a lot. Remember the WR is an all around bike unlike the YZ which is set up for moto and will turn at the slightest muscle twitch. Video yourself and have a buddy watch you doing some turns paying attention to your body position.

Good chassis set up info above. Will definitely help the bike turn.

One other thing to check...if your scotts damper is set too tight the bike won't want to turn either. Try setting it to 15 clicks out from full stiff.


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