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Stalling while riding

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Stalling while riding

2006 CRF250R

I can ride "all day" on flat smooth ground at less than 1/2 throttle without a hint of stalling or "killing". As soon as I get aggressive, going over logs, going up rocky hills, wheelies, 1/2 - WOT, in short bursts, by short bursts I mean 10 - 20 secs. Riding tight woods. The bike will run fine for a minute and then it will start sputtering and spit-n-sputter and then kill. If I wait 15 seconds, kick start it, it's fine. But if I start riding hard, it will do the same thing again.

2006 CRF250R

Stock header w/V&H XCR SA

AP Mod w/wire

Shortened AP diaphram shaft

172 main

42 Pilot

55 Leak

2 out FS

JD Red Needle 5th

Stock piston with good compression

Steahly Heavy FWW

Less than 50 hours

Things I know:

Valves are all in spec. √

Gas is fresh √

Plug is fresh √

Pilot circuit is good√

Hot start is seating fine and working correctly √

Bike starts great √

Bike idles great √

Has good throttle response

Has NO bog √

I have not changed my leak jet - from reading on TT not sure to bigger or smaller. Have read both with conflicting results.

The other item that it may be is plugged or pinched vent hoses.


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OK - So I went home at lunch, it's 50 degrees outside, I am at 1000ft.

Started my bike 3rd kick, warmed it up, was idleing at 1800 rpm, checked my pilot circuit, it stumbled at 1 turn out on the fuel screw and again at 3 turns out. I returned it to 2 turns out. Idles just fine. Sounds good too.

Took it for a ride out in the "back 40" The bike ran strong, pulling the wheel off the ground coming out of the corners, I a point to vary the throttle as much as I could but spent more time above 1/2 throttle.

I road it hard for about 3 minutes and pop-pop-sputter - die coasted- popped the clutch took right back off again. I quick turned the fuel valve off and road it a little bit. Took it back to the garage, there was plenty of fuel in the float bowl. Disconnected the gas tank line, let the gas run, flow from the tank is good.

It's like something is blocking the fuel flow within the carb or there is a "lock" in the carbs. It's lean but not sure why or where?


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That's what I thought too. I took the hose off the tank cap and ran it just with the IMS cap, it didn't improve the stalling issue.

I think that I'll try the old tank tonight. Maybe the tank/cap setup is the issue.

I installed a new IMS tank and cap over the winter.


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