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suspension settings

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i finally got to ride after i changed my suspension settings and springs i did an 85 mile enduro in NJ ,sandy tight tree lined whoops and plenty of technical stuff no suspension feels great on these trails ...but these changes made my bike turn so much better and that is the reason i changed it. the bike didn't stand up in the turns or want to blow through the turns i just put the front wheel in the rut and gas it i could keep my feet on the pegs through most turns


Rider Weight: 175

Rider Weight with Gear:195

Riding Style enduro/hare scramble

Forks Raised in Triples: 1/2

Rear Tire Size: 110/90

Aftermarket Triples/Offset:

Fork Springs Wt: .43

Fork Spring Brand: factory connection

Fork Oil Amount: 340 cc

Fork Oil Brand & Weight: 5

Fork Compression: 12

Fork Rebound: 12

Fork Valving: stock

Shock Spring Wt: 5.3

Shock Spring Brand: factory connection

Shock Hi speed Compression: 3 turns

Shock Lo speed Compression: 13

Shock Rebound: 10

Shock Valving: stock

Shock Oil: 5

Race Sag: 108

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From my work I have found that sliding the forks up in the tripple clamp helps a lot. I run 6mm even in the high speed trails. It keeps the front end from having that "push" feeling.

Year: 2006

Rider Weight: 230

Rider Weight with Gear: ?

Riding Style (i.e. Desert, MX): tight woods, single track, some desert trail

Forks Raised in Triples: 6mm

Front Tire Size: 80/100 MotoZ Tracula

Rear Tire Size: 110/90 MotoZ Terrapactor S/T

Aftermarket Triples/Offset: stock

Fork Springs Wt: .46kg/mm

Fork Spring Brand: RaceTech

Fork Oil Amount: 345cc

Fork Oil Brand & Weight: Maxima Race 5W

Fork Compression: 9

Fork Rebound: 13

Fork Valving: stock

Shock Spring Wt: 5.6kg/mm

Shock Spring Brand: RaceTech

Shock Hi speed Compression: "-1/4 turn

Shock Lo speed Compression: stock

Shock Rebound: stock

Shock Valving: stock

Shock Oil: stock

Free Sag: 15mm

Race Sag: 100mm - 105mm

Preload: ?

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