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Free power mod question

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Where does the red wire go when it goes into the harness? I'm about to do the same thing and had the exact same question. Glad I didn't start a thread.

Stock, that read wire goes back though a connector, fuse, and then to the battery.. What we are doing is cutting all that out, and giving the charge wire a direct path from RR to battery.

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Answers to various questions:

The RR red wire "T"s into a red wire from the battery to the ignition switch. Once "Free Power" is done all power goes first to the battery then the ignition switch an rest of the bike.

No, of course you can not remove the RR. You can remove to do the mod than reinstall if you like.

You can use any gage wire you want but for maximin benefit without getting carried away, 14 is the best choice. And I recommend marine grade wire that is silver plated. Lasts longer with less degradation.

Tape the cut off wires out of the way, (red must not touch black) or just disconnect he connector and tape up the open end.

All this has been answered before but is now buried in a very long post on "Free Power".

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