06 YZ450 Woods suspension setup

I have an '06 YZ450F that i play on the MX track with frequently. This past weekend I raced my first Cross Country race on the bike and now I am hooked. (Went in just wanting to finish the race and won my class.:thumbsup:) My MX suspension worked but it was too stiff. How do you off road guys have your suspension set up? I am 210 and just wanting to re-spring and play with the clickers. Where should I start? Thanks guys:banghead:

You could start off with the correct springs for your weight and a revalve is in order along with a softer ICS spring.

what is the ICS spring?:thumbsup:

Inner Chamber Spring, or free piston spring. It's an advanced sort of mod. Your first step should be to set the bike up with the correct rate springs, then go from there.

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