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Camelback message/reply

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Folks- Mike68 asked me to post a string of emails that went back and forth between himself and Camelback. Actually a PR rep.

While the mails may be someone out of order, here they are:

As a personal note, and maybe I'm not seeing the light here, but it seems one individual (probably a geeky IT person in charge of the website- I can say that I'm in IT as well :) made them look bad. I'm going to remain neutral as I know how one bad apple can ruin the basket. Or rather one off-sided comment can ruin a business, or at least a niche.

Make your own judgment...


Hey, Mike -

I handle the communications for CamelBak and was disturbed and surprised to

see that someone from the company had directly emailed your company. Do you

have an address from which the message came? Do you have a copy of the


If it did come from CamelBak, I would love to find out who it was. CamelBak

wants relationships with each of their users, whether they have good things

to say or not. We want to hear what you have to say. And in no way would the

company try to suppress that.

Let me know what you can and I will find out how it happened.


Michael Geraci

Stanwood & Partners Public Relations



Sorry for all the emails, but I have 1 more question. How did you get my

> adress for this first email? You said you were "suprised to see someone

> from the company had directly emailed your company." Where did you see

> this? I am a little confused since I did not send another email nor did I

> send one to you. I really would like to know how you figured out it was


> I suspect you know the answer to the question of who replied to my

> headquaters. I know you are in public realtions so please don't BS me.


> honest answer is the only way to start rebuilding your relationship with

> myself and the OHV community.


And the reply:

Mike -

I pulled your email address from your profile on thumpertalk.com. I monitor

all of the on-line forums and web-sites. I am also registered on most of


Regarding what Cbak plans to do in the future, we are exploring several

options, including sponsorships, partnerships and advertising. As well, we

are considering developing an OHV-specific system. All of these are just

suggestions, mind you, but we are talking a lot about them.

Don't push the issue on your side with your employer. Let it be water under

the bridge. I'll push it on the CamelBak side.

Thanks again. I'll let you know if I find anything.



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