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First real dirt ride.

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Last weekend my daughter and I took the MSF dirt safety course, me on my XR250 and her on her TTR125. So glad we did. I've ridden street for awhile, and the techniques are so different. I asked the instructor, you want me to move how far forward on the bike? What's the seat for, why don't I just sit on the gas tank? Stand up? Shift while standing up? What the?!🤣 So yesterday was our first real uninhibited day out. We spent it at Hungry Valley OHV park. What a blast! A little scary at first till we started to get the hang of it. My daughter did great(a little trouble with tight turns and soft stuff). First thing she wanted to do was ride whoop dees and learn how to jump. We rode for 2 hours, had lunch and rode for another 2. I wanted to keep going but my daughter, who is 15, was really tired. I kidded her about being outlasted by the old man and that she might need to start hitting the gym.🙂 Can't wait to do it again next weekend.👍

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