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can someone identify my POS chinese bike?

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k.. so i bought a pitbike as a toy to restore/resale whatever. Got it cheap, runs fine, but i have no clue as to what it is.

id really like to know, to ease ordering of parts, and just so i can get some better info/feedback on the bike. and just for curiosity.

i dont have any pics of it.. (wouldnt matter anyway, as the graphics are removed now.)

looks just like this.


except instead of the orion decals.. it says "monster" on the graphics, swingarm, xbar pad.

What i can see-

-on the frame right by the triple tree, it says "Model number AGB-21E"

-it has a 72cm3 stamp on the head.

-it is electric and kick start

-no logos on the block, case, jug, anywhere. the 73cc logo is the only marking ive seen unless im overlooking something.

-i dont think its a mikuni carb, but i may have been overlooking something.

it runs fine, its peppy, etc. id just like to know a little more about it. and it does need a couple things-throttle cable, spark plug, brake lever, etc and this would make it alot easier.

i know this is kind of a lost cause, but id appreciate any help.

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if it says agb 21e than it is a orion i have a older model 70cc and on my frame it says agb 21a mine was reliable for a few years before it needed gone thru new bearings and such right after the tranny craped but i also abused the crap out of it for three years so its expected it could be a monster joe wich was just a rebadged orion

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alright cool.

Well searches say they arent just the baddest bikes in the world, but i wont be jumping it, i only weigh 150ish and i wont have it long so it should work for me. The rear swingarm is my biggest worry, everything else seems to be pretty decent quality, but the rear swingarm looks like it would bend if you looked at it too hard.

if anyones interested, ill post some build up pics.. when i got it she was a bucket of rust, last night i fixed all that, i also sanded and painted the rear wheel, sprocket, and swingarm black. also threw some black paint on the foot pegs and rear brake. Got rid of that eggshell color on everything.

ive also stripped all the graphics, and then decided to just order a new set of graphics+plastics that should be in later this week. Tonight, Im gonna try and get some paint on the bars and front rim, time permitting. I also need to finish up my roomates PW, and finish paint on my pocket rocket.

my throttle cable also broke, so until my new one comes in i bought a brake cable for a bicycle and ive got that end run to the bars, and im going to try and find a way to join the two cables until i get my new one in.

I should be fully functional and done by this sunday (thats what im shooting for anyway)

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ahh there not that bad mainly really cheap bolts every where at the swinger and axles and shock is most important if you replace these you'll be fine you say the swinger looks cheap u should see my old pot metal tin swinger it seen some 15 ft+or- jumps no damage also the stock rear shock is about crap don't last long before it rides like a pogostick i litarally beat the snot out of mine 4 three years and finaly killed the tranny cases

i got mine free it was 6mths old and in a bucket and bare frame the guy broke the chain and it took the stator out and flywheel cover so it cost me 70 dollars some tlc for three years of beating the crap outa it got my moneys worth

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lol.. i paid $100 for this one, ive got $65 in plastics and about a weeks worth of elbow grease.. if she turns out pretty and runs for a while ill be content.

my ultimate goal is to sell this one for profit (small town, these are hard to come by here) and buy a larger (100ish) bike my gf can ride and i can use on my minibike track. I have a trx450r for when i wanna go fast, i need a toy!

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some pics of my stuff. (copied from another forum, ignore the redundancy)

Roomates bike- '00 PW80



as it sits.. ignore the flames, i bought some stock vinyl and cut that shit out by hand, just so hed have something on it til his graphics+seat cover come in.


PS- cut out the numbers by hand, one at a time. backgrounds too. lol

on this one weve got new graphics+seatcover ordered, 13 tooth front sprocket, one night this week ill be lifting it, and modding the exhaust+intake. It has oil injection removed, and ill be adjusting the jetting and a few other things making her run better. bought for $100. total POS when we brought it home, shes coming around.











So far on mine, ive gotten all the rust off, polished the pipe back up, sanded and painted the rear sprocket, swingarm, and rim. Im going to do the front rim tonight, along with fixing the throttle cable and a few other things.

New plastic+graphics have been ordered, theyll be in later this week.

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moar pics of my beast






also, ive been building this pocket bike, i got it and it was all flat black


took it apart, stripped the wheels and polished them, repainted the whole thing, and now im here.




im doing it up like the anniversary edition r6's, with the strobe graphics to break up the two colors. ill also be doing number plates on the rear tail section. should be finished later this weekend. ill post finished pics then.

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