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DRZ400S electrics died on starting???

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my brother is currently stranded with his DR-Z, which seems to have lost all electrical power

He said the battery has been fine, starting perfectly every day, the bike is used every day.

He got to his bike this evening after work, tried to fire it up and the starter motor started to turn and then the dash died.

Now there is nothing, nada!

Sounds to me like the battery, as he's checked the main fuse (I believe there is only 1 fuse, there is on my E?).

However batteries don't tend to just die like that with no warning.

He's going to try a booster pack on it and see if he can start it.

Anything else it could be?



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There is only 1 fuse but try a new one anyway unless he has tested it with an ohm meter.

Now clean (yes clean first both battery terminals) and tighten. Now look at the wire connector in the red wire that goes to to the fuse. Check the fuse holder for bad connection. Check around the ignition switch for bad connections.

If all that is good, then it is probably the battery.

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I fiddled with the wires under the headlight and it worked! only noticed it when pulling the bars to full lock (about to give up on the bike I turned it round to leave it parked up).

So I then fiddled with the wiring under the headlight by yanking it a lot and managed to get the electrics to stay on. Got most of the way home then it cut the ignition and had an almighty backfire, then it cut back in again, so prob a loose connection under the headlight.

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