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plastic nipples - lost one

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last weekend riding my SM i had a spoke come out of the rear rim due to a broken nipple.

i have excel rims & talon hubs assembled by white bros.. i offset the hub thousands of miles ago, so it's not as delivered from white bros..

do the oem drz sm wheels use these plastic nipples?

they seem real fragile to me. i'm thinking this would never have happened to a steel nipple. the spoke was fine until i had to destroy it to remove it on the road.

maybe over-tightening was the reason it failed?

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thanks for the replies eddie. i didn't mean to bother you with this.

i tried to post some pics last night but my computer took a dump.

they appear to be cast aluminum. i bought replacements a few years ago. i had broken one then while off-setting the rim. i was surprised then by how easy it broke.

these nipples weigh almost nothing.

the replacements have the white bros. name on the package. the rims came with a special wrench to adjust the spokes.

not trying to bash the white bros. at all here.

i assumed it broke from over-tightening. the only odd thing is it's been a while since i've adjusted the spokes on the wheel.

no big deal. i need to change the tire anyway & i have replacements on hand.

i just would like to eliminate the possiblility of it happening again.

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