Broke off the hard start cable holder at the carb

SO I was rotating my carb and a broke off the plastic holder where the hot start goes in the carb. How do I fix this? I cant see how you undo the cable at the carb side.

05 wr450

yup, same here, had to buy a new one too, just stripped the plastic threads


sounds like one to bookmark for future...just in case..

Very common.. A new OEM one will be about $3.26. If your gonna be jetting all the time I would get the nice Alum one. If not, gently loosen it up before you rotate your carb next time. I had to learn that one too ($) when I first got my wr.

any ideas on how to get the broken one out? The threads are still in the carb.

Yeah, the mechanic at my dealer was showing me how to rotate the carb for jetting home and bike was running bad, found the plastic part you are talking about was stripped out. As mentioned, the aluminum aftermarket piece fixes it.

any ideas on how to get the broken one out? The threads are still in the carb.

Parx, you should be able to find a fat extractor that size. If not use a tight fit flat head and unscrew it out. It is just plastic

Parx, received my replacement nut from Zipty today. Had it installed in under 30 minutes. I removed the tank so it was easier to get to. Just push the spring up and turn the plunger 90 degrees so the cable end will come out. Slide on new nut, spring and install plunger at 90 degress to insert cable. Done deal.

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