Woodruff Goes West

Hey guys,

Just washed my Canadian WR450 (about 500 miles now) and tried to electric start it. A backfire, then nothing. I think the woodruff key failed. The dealer did check the flywheel torque at 47lbs before shipping the new bike to me. My Canadian warranty does not apply here in California, so I am going to take it to a local bike mechanic. I have a copy of the original Yamaha Service Bulletin which I downloaded off of TT in March. Is it still a valid S.B.? Is anyone having any problems after the key replacement and lapping of the rotor shaft? Any advice would be great!



Had fix done on my bike with only 6 street miles on it. Now 300 miles and no problems :)

The service bulletin is still valid. I had the work done at a non-yamaha shop (although they do do some warranty work for yamaha as they are a fully eqipped machine/engine shop as well) and it cost me $40 of labour. No problems at all since.



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