has anybody tried the cr8ek ?you know the one with two electrodes. is it any better than the cr8e???

Although many people swer by dual electrode plugs, I beleive it is a gimmick. Electricity only trvels in one pth, the pth with the least resistance and/or shortest distance. Like the Splitfire plugs advetise, there is only one spark generated.



i am currently running an ek plug, but havn't had much ride time due to snow,

it starts VERY easy, though. will keep you posted

TMX AND MY DOGS BITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I picked up my new 426 last March, I bought 2 extra plugs. The dealer only had the EK's, so I accepted them even though they are significantly more expensive. The orignal CR8E lasted about 4 months and started misfiring. I still have the first EK plug in and the engine runs perfectly. Is the EK superior to the E? I don't really know, but the EK sure seems to last longer. All in all, from reading all the posts in this forum for the last year, I've concluded that I was a lucky 426 buyer in that I've never experienced some of the horrendous carb, balancer shaft, 4th gear failures, hub failures, clutch basket failures...etc, that so many other owner have experienced. Guess I got a "good" one.

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