WR400 "Basket Case" build

Shit ya!! Finally got my parts lol. I'm going camping this weekend but will be putting the engine back together monday. Will post pictures

Got some updates for everyone. Things are going good hope to have it finished up tomorrow.

Heated up crank bearing and put crank in freezer and it slid together great!


It said to put sealant on "all mating surfaces" but I wasn't sure about this port threw the case... I put sealant around there anyway pretty sure this is correct right?



Case with sealant on it ready to be "glued" in place


Warming up bearing


Torquing to 106 inlb


The famous "killer key-way" was also replaced


Well I bet i've put 65-70 hours on this beast this year so far and it runs awesome! Couldn't be happier, never left me stranded or with a single problem. Going to rock her untill the 2012 bikes come out and get something new :-)

Just a little update

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