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KLX fussy starting

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What would cause this condition?...

KLX450R : AIS removed, Airbox Snorkel removed, PMB exhaust insert, Dynojet kit, 155main 42 pilot needle on 5th clip and fuel screw 2.25 turns out.

When the bike is warmed up, i really don't have much to complain about...it idles well, has good power through all throttle positions, but....

A) It only starts with the choke on and hot start pulled when cold, and choke doesn't affect idle at all...it used to cause a high idle to warm up and it would idle fine when choke disengaged. Now, disengaging the choke causes it to die unless you are on the throttle keeping the RPM up.

­čĹŹ And, until it is warm...if you give it too much throttle it will bog and die. I literally need to spoon feed it throttle or it will flame out on me. Once it is warm i can crack the throttle with no probs.

Needless to say the starting procedure is like freaking brain surgery until it is warm...one false move and it is a pig to start. Where do i start? The stock pilot was a 45...but i changed to a 42 because i was getting no response from the fuel screw. Any input appreciated.

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