These bikes are to tall. How can I make it shorter?

I'm picking up a 2005 YZ450 tomorrow and I'm hoping someone can tell me what I can do to make it a little shorter in the saddle since I'm only 5'9" and can barely touch on my tip toes in tennis shoes. No way will I be able to touch with my MX boots on so what are my options? I say an ad for another bike and the guy mentioned having a different swing-arm or something for shorter riders. Can anyone point me in the right direction and give me a ballpark idea of cost? Thanks.

Send a PM to user YamaLink. He'll have something for you.

Thanks, I'll check out his site. Is there any kind of adjustment to the stock setup?

You can always decrease the shock spring preload to increase the rear sag a little and raise the fork tubes in the triple clamps. There are also lower height seats available.

I'll try adjusting the sag after I pickup the bike tonight. A thinner seat? There's already nothing to the seat on it now so how can they take away even more padding? As thin as it is now I can see it causing a bad case of monkey butt already. Hopefully the sag adjustment is enough. Thanks.

sorry but that doesnt make any sense to me, im 5'10'' i have an 09 YZ250 2t and an 2010 YZ450F and i fit just fine on my mikes. I have the forks as low as possible on my triple clamps which brings the bike up. I think you should just get a good pair of boots and you will be fine.

the more i think about it i would check all the swing arm bearings and see if they are rusty and seized. if that were the case the bike would sag correctly when you sat on the bike.

Send a PM to user YamaLink. He'll have something for you.

+1. I have a YamaLink and love it.:thumbsup:

There's always surgery to make your legs longer. It costs more in the short term, but think about how much you'll save on buying lowering links for a lifetime.

I feel for you, I'm 5'8" and most stuff is too tall for me to be comfortable when stopped.

Well my inseam is only like 29"-30" so most bikes are a stretch for me. Not super comfortable when I need to have a foot down for control or on uneven ground.

+1. I have a YamaLink and love it.:thumbsup:

what the seat height of your bike with the link fitted?

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