2005 YZ450F, can it be a decent trail bike?

I'm use to running old 2 stroke bikes from my youth so I'm wondering if this bike I'm buying tomorrow will be a decent trail/woods bike? I'm not running any races or anything crazy but I do like the power and few guys say this thing will be crazy fast, almost to much for trail riding. The bike is very clean and it's a good price so that's why I'm buying it and I've always liked Yamaha bikes. Any thoughts or tips? Are these 450F bikes high maintenance compared to most 4 strokes or even 2 strokes? Thanks.

Pretty high geared for trail riding... i have a 04 and am trying to sell it so i can get something with a five speed..... you can just go a couple teeth bigger is the back it will help but then you lose the top speed if the trails are open.... it really depends on the type of trail riding.... other note i have found mine is real sensitive to elevation so if riding up high be ready to re-jet.

as far as maintance goes just give it regular oil changes and it should be golden :thumbsup:

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The biggest problem for me was the gearing as stated before, along with the stalling (small flywheel). Cheapest way to get around it is to use a larger rear sprocket or smaller front, but as mentioned above you are reducing your top end so depends on the trails you ride

Adding a flywheel weight/heavier flywheel will allow you to take off easier and lug the motor a little more.

What about something like the Recluse clutch? Would that help on the take off?

definitely, people who have them love them

I dont have the money for one

I'll most likely ride it the way it is and then see if I really need to mess with the clutch. I was just checking to make sure there wasn't something I was going to hate about the bike while trying to trail ride it. Thanks.

I'm in the same boat with my 04. Washington is full of rocks and roots type trails. I'm considering selling it for a WR. Open trails are a blast but the technical stuff requires some clutch feathering with the stock setup. Sounds like by the time you invest in all the mods to make these YZ's a woods/trail bike you should just get a bike already setup for how you use it.

IT all depends what you want out of the bike. for me a YZ was cheaper, has more power and is set up for mx so i went for that and chose to adapt it to trails. Some people go the other way.. Its always a compromise somewhere.

I run 13/52 gearing on mine and that made the biggest difference and actually made it more enjoyable, where as on the gearing it came with from the PO (14/48) it was really really hard to go slow

I loved my 04 in the woods used 14/47 gearing that bike had tons of bottom end. I rarely stalled it and I mostly ride single track. 1st gear pulled forEVER on single track in the gearing combo I had.

FinchFan394, have you changed the gears on your newer yz450f? I have an 08 yz450f and like the 5 gears but it is still geared a little bit high.

I have an 08, and use it for high speed desert, technical single track, dunes and anything else that presents itself. My former bike was a 06 CRF450X and I like the MX power better. The YZ forces me to ride faster in tight single track. I also think it has better suspension. And an additional note, it is about 45 lbs lighter than my X.

FinchFan394, have you changed the gears on your newer yz450f? I have an 08 yz450f and like the 5 gears but it is still geared a little bit high.

No I am jumping around between stock and a 47 tooth Ironman I am trying to get my money's worth out of. Its all about momentum and carrying your speed in the corners. Its tough sometimes but I like the way the bike performs and mainly the traction I get with stock gearing. To me lowering your gearing just makes you have to shift more. The one thing that offered the biggest improvement is the GYT-R offroad FWW.

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