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TXC Suspension Settings

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Hey guys haven't owned a Husky before and dont know too much about their suspension and how well it works etc.

Anyways I picked up an 09 TXC250 and I will be using it for MX and I was wondering where you guys think my clickers/rebound will be best set for my weight and riding ability????

I am 5'11", 150 lbs in gear and am a B level rider

the manual kinda sucks for suspension tips or setup, and ther eare on Husky specialists in the area so therefor I come to the only Husky gurus I know ­čĹŹ


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Has anyone followed these steps and did this procedure? Id love to here people's results. I want to try this but it does seem a little confusing to me.

Are the TC forks different from the txc, te forks?

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