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After Market bulbs...

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Dont waste your money on anything but an HID upgrade...

Agree. Once you go HID, you'll never tolerate a halogen bulb again.

The WR has kind of a weird bulb and not a lot is available to upgrade it. You might find one of those Silverstar series bulbs at Kragen that will fit. I have tried one of those in an H4 configuration that seemed to work fairly well. The stock WR headlight is not the greatest though. One thing you can do is swap to a Baja Designs standard halogen headlight (takes an H4 bulb and has very good optics) and play around with higher wattage bulbs on that as there are a lot of choices for H4 bulbs. Later, when you want to ride full speed at night, upgrading that headlight to HID is super simple.......and cheap! Those PIAA bulbs are way overpriced for what they are.

CoopDawg, this reminds me, the desert is getting warm and will be calling us for a night ride soon! 👍

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I have installed this one:


It works alot better than stock but it really only offers enough extra light to make it home in the dark after a long ride. It is by no means a race light.

It would be fine for slow technical trails you are familar with but 4th or 5th gear stuff could become dangerous in a hurry.

Read some of the threads by 123BigcoopDawg576. he is the resident expert on the HID upgrade he did a comparison with pictures on his upgrades that is pretty impressive.

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To the OP...the link that GCannon linked is for the pre 07 bikes...it wont work on your 08. The 08 takes an H6M style bulb.

Here is the stator info link: https://thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=721647

Here is the HID info link: https://thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=788305

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Yup, not sure how I messed that one up:bonk:

Brett is also correct on ditching the stock shell for any real output:thumbsup:

the only bad thing is use lose the asthetics.

Another option is to get a nice helmet light

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