2004 yz450f forks. with yz400f axle

2004 yz450f front forks. will it work with the 1998 yz400f axle and wheel??

I cant find where all the parts are listed

I thought the '98's had a smaller axle? I know '04 has a bigger rotor.

Yes you can use the front 00 axle and wheel on a 04 450. You would need to use the spacers from the 00 also. I use newer 450 rims on my 00 426 you just have to use the correct spacers for the hubs.

http://www.rivaracing.com/parts_finder.shtml i use this to look up parts

98 has same axle part # as my 00 so i wouldnt see a problem

The rotor diameter is only 5mm different, so you can basically ignore that. The front wheel will fit directly into the '04 fork, but you may need an '04 axle. The bearing sizes are the same, but the fat end of the axle may not be. You will need wheel spacers from an '04.

Read: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=632582

Ahh, my bad, it's the rear hub with the smaller axle on the '98.

What about the triple clamps i didnt think abt those. are mine 46mm now? and the new ones are 48mm?

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