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fork oil weight + amount for a heavy rider?

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I have a friend who is 280 lbs. he rides a cr250 and it has already been springed, but not valved yet.

he is getting a mechanic to replace his fork seals (I could do it but its a long story), anyways, I would like to see if you guys know what weight of fork oil I should get him to buy, and how much of it to add in both the inner and outer chambers, as well as what weight for each.

im thinking wither 7 or 10wt fork oil for the outer, and maybe 10 or 20 ml more than stock?? but thats just a complete guess and im still clueless about the inner chamber. correct me of im wrong, but the inner chamber only holds a certain amount right? so we would have to just put a heavier weight of oil in it?


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