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kx85 and kx100 wheel hubs the same?

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I'm converting my sons kx85 to a kx100 suspension-wise (already got the motor). I've got a swingarm and the linkage. We want black wheels so my idea was to remove the rims/spokes off the existing kx85 front and rear hubs and install the rims/spokes for a kx100 onto the hubs.

Will this work? Every indication I can tell from pictures and what I've read says that it will but wanted to see if someone knew for sure that the 85 and the 100 have the same wheel hubs.


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pretty easy to check part numbers at any oem part supplier.

I've found cheapcycleparts to be good for this, since if you add a part to your cart, then click on that part in your cart, you get a list of all machines that part fits.

For example,

rear hub for 2001 kx100 (you didn't specify years!)


Scroll down and look at what machines it fits. You can do the same for front hub.

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