Emergency grip glue

A couple friends and I rode the Rainbow trail out of Salida, CO today. It was raining when we got there and I dumped my bike a few times playin around on some clay hills. It broke my throttle grip loose and was a pain in the butt, I'm sure most of you know. Anyway I was not about to turn back to the truck so after searching all of our camelbacks for a fix, Shaun says "sap". Being in the middle of a forest I found some easily. Applied it to the throttle sleeve and put the grip back on. Its not easy getting it on but its harder to ride fast with a loose grip. Its not as good as real grip glue but it held strong and allowed me to finish the ride the rest of the 70 mile ride without any other problems. Just wanted to let everyone know about it if you ever need a trail fix.


Here's another one if your stuck the night before a ride, car body filler, hangs on like a virgin to her nighty :)

Good one for sap. The only other thing I would have tried is coat the tube or the grip with sap and the other with gasoline to make it spread and easier to put on. Loggers cut their chain oil with solvent to reduce the friction from tree pitch/sap.

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