oo 426f

i can shift in to first to second gear and i can not get it into third gear when i am going at a pretty good speed and it is making like a grinding and chattering noise do you think it could be the clutch basket.

could be the shift fork or shift star. am I close gray?

The shifter won't move, or it moves but there's "another neutral" where third should be?

i took it for a ride today and i got in all the gears but when i was riding it for about an hour it started to not shift again into the higher gears its weird.where should i start.

Start by answering my question.

the shifter does move but it wont get in gear and sometimes it will shift in all the gears

When it won't shift, does it not come out of second, or does it come out of second and not go into third?

its stays in second and i can shift it back down to first and go back into second

If you slow down some, is it more likely to shift up to third?

sometimes and it makes a squeeling noise its wierd.

I'm going to guess that this is due to a bad bearing on the main shaft. The symptoms are noise, and harder to shift the faster you go (can't be shifted out of the current gear unless you slow down). The reason for that is the drag caused by the bad bearing puts so much load on the gear pair as the output shaft tries to turn it that it holds in where it is. The left one is probably the culprit.

do i have to take out the clutch basket to fined it.

To replace it, you'll have to split the cases. You can verify the bad bearing by removing the clutch plates and turning the main shaft via the clutch boss with the bike in neutral. It should feel smooth. If it's rough and hard to turn, the bearing's bad.

ok i will check it out thanks for the info

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