426 crank issues

Ok guy's I am NEW here and some what new to this bike. I bought a 02 426 and when the guy deliverd it he told me that the pump had leaked on him twice and it had been sitting for a year since it was run. Now I couldn't get it started as the carb was crappy inside . So I pulled the oil filter to servic the bike only to find it FULL of metal ! I went looking for it and found the can drive gear on the crand is shot. So I pulled it down and the rest of the motor looks NEW if not rebult. My Q is after extencive reserch it look as if a 03 450 crank should work in the 426 bottom end. The bore on both are the same only the 450 has a 3mm longer stroke. So I would think a 450 piston would fly ? The reason for all this is I am in this thing totaly upside down !! Spent way to much for it and since I have it apart and the rest is so nice I wanted to put a wiseco kit in it. Any info on this or am I going to be the first to try??

Any info on this or help would be great !!

Thank you

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wrong heading

From what I have read in here...none of the 450 cranks will work in a 426. A 426 crank will work in a 400 but not a 450 to 426. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

450 crank won't work, no correction needed. And don't drop a wiseco crank in....their cranks aren't too good from what I hear about them - hotrods or OEM.

Did you give the 03 crank a go???????

Thank's for the info ! I am at the point of eather rebulding the 426 or selling it in parts to fund a 450 ?? What do you all know bout POWEROLL ??

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