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KYB shock rebuild help (91 KX250)

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I have a 91 KX 250 that has a leaky shock with near zero dampening. I am going to pull it and plan to rebuild it. The bike is really clean for the year and the shock doesn't appear to be damaged in any other way, but I have not pulled it apart yet.

I am on a very tight budget and I cannot bring this in to have it rebuilt. I'm mechnically inclined and up to the task so please no "bring it here", or "send it there" comments... No offense intended 👍

Here are my questions...

Do I need to buy a full seal head kit? or could I just get by with the oil seal and orings, other things?

I plan to ride this bike a max of about 10-20 hours per year doing slow single track trail riding. The KX is built for mx riding, but since I plan to trail ride it, would I be better off going with a slightly lighter weight oil to soften things up a bit?

Last but not least, what is a good cheap shock oil to use for this application? The manual specifies Kayaba KC2, but I would like to keep things as cheap as possible.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate any help you can provide.


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