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Offroad Tool Bags for 150R

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Does anyone have tool bags on their 150R?

I have a front fender pack but its pretty small. I also bungy my fuel can to the back of the headlight already, so I'm probably looking at something for the rear fender. I want to get my tools and tubes out of my camelback.

I have one of the http://www.mooseracing.com/catalog.jsp?level1=1757&product_group_id=7380'>Moose Rear Fender packs but it seems too large for the rear fender. I could probably rig something, but wanted to see what you guys have.



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I know you don't want to hear this, but the best way to carry tools, tubes, etc. is in a packpack (I carry my camelback INSIDE my packpack) rather than on the bike itself. The reasons are sundry, and I won't go into them here....but when I compare the pros and cons of each method, I've found that the backpack comes out on top. YRMV

If you want a good rear fender bag, the unit that comes stock on the 2006 Kawasaki KDX200 is a nice one, albeit small. (You can remove the "KAWASAKI" logo with a little lacquer thinner if that is an issue. ­čĹŹ)

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Thanks G3,

Thats where I have them now. I have 2 tubes, tire irons, tire pump, various tools and the 2nd fuel tank in there. It gives you some good shoulder muscles for sure!

I'll check out that KDX bag. I might also be able to get the moose one to work. We're going to work on it today. I'll post some pics when I figure it out.

Thanks again,


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