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Q's re cylinder and valves when rebuilding a TE450

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Getting ready to rebuild my 06 TE450 and want to educate myself a bit more on the process and needs. My bike has probably close to 4K miles and over 150 hrs on it. Plan on main bearings, rod, piston/rings, timing chain, and assume new valves. I havent had the engine dissambled yet. I am considering doing much of it myself if I can (have torn other two stroke motors down, but not a 4 stroke yet).

1.) I assume that the cylinder must be recoated. Heard Millenium in WI is the best. How do you know if or when it needs to be replated? Is is just like a two stroke where the diameter of the cylinder has grown from friction beyond the factory spec? Or is there more to it?

2.) How do you know when the valves have outlasted their useful life? Beyond the obvious of they are no longer seating/sealing.

3.) Are there aftermarket valves available? Is there any advantage other than availability to using them?

I am not looking to have a performance engine built, just a reliable and long lasting one. The 450 has more than enough hit for my use.

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Cylinders are nikasil plated, shouldnt need anything done to it, Depending on how you ride, i would just see if the bottom end has any play bfore actually puttin new bearings in. As for the valves well i cant really explain that very well but someone else might. You should only need your seats re-cuttin anyway, not new valves.

Why are you tearing it down? My bike is just over 140 hours and i dont plan on doing anything to it untill atleast 200.

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