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Candidate supports reopening Clear Creek

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Want Clear Creek Reopened? Don Barich is running for congress and supports reopening the area for off road recreation. Here’s an excerpt of an email I got from him on the subject:

Hi (Name Redacted),

In regards to our discussion regarding Clear Creek, according the research I've read, there has never been a case of lung cancer as a result of exposure to chrysotile fibers. The health threat is from amphibole fibers. Of course some amphibole fibers have been found in the Clear Creek area, but these are a result of the importation of these materials by the industrial asbestos operation that was located in the area. Exposure to these fibers could be eliminated by keeping the former industrial site off limits while making the rest of the park available to OHV use.

I also had a conversation with a gentleman by the name of Don Amador who is with the Blue Ribbon Coalition. He also repeated most of the same facts.

Based on this, if I were elected, I would bring pressure to the BLM to re-consider their findings and re-open a large portion of the park.

Anything you can do to help get my name out amongst your community would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you and I can meet at some point down the road.

Thanks for your interest in the campaign and for taking back our freedoms from an ever-growing government at the Federal as well as the State levels.

Don Barich

Don is running for Congress from the California 15th congressional district, which encompasses all of Western Silicon Valley, Milpitas, and the Berryessa district of East San Jose. If you are in this district and want to vote for him, make sure to register or reregister republican by May 24th, and vote for him in the June 8th primary. He is a republican, the incumbent is democrat Mike Honda who has not supported our efforts to reopen Clear Creek.

Don Barich for Congress 2010, 15th district of Calif. http://www.barichforcongress.com Vote June 8

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He has to get elected in the June 8th republican primary in order to run against democrat Mike Honda in the general election in November. California has a closed primary ballot, meaning only members of the party get to vote to select their candidate.

I've changed parties several times over the years in order to vote in the primary for a candidate I liked. You can change back and forth at will.

Remember those of you in the CA 15th congressional district have get registered (or reregistered as republican) by May 24th to vote for Don in the primary on June 8th. Then with any luck its on to the general election in November.

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I think they designate Independents as "Nonpartisan", and in California the republicans don't allow nonpartisan registered voters to vote in their primary elections (I believe the democrats do).

So if you're an Independent/Nonpartisan or Democrat in the California 15th district and want to vote for Don Barich, you have to register as a republican by May 24 in order to vote for him the primary election on May 8. If you're already a registered republican in the 15th you don't have bother reregistering, just show up and vote on June 8th.

When you vote in a primary, they give different ballots depending on your party affiliation. Your picking who's going to represent your party in the main election in November.

I'll go find the link on the congressional website where you type in your zip code to find out what congressional district your in, and post it on this thread.

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