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making plastic look new again

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I do not know where the plastic refinish thread is (but would like to) but I have had good results with Plastic Renew. I bought a basket case 83 YZ125 that was suppose to have a yellow tank. Instead, it was a deep orange to brown color from all the years with gas in it. Anyway, I started with 60 grit sand paper and worked my way up to 1000 grit sand paper. After all the sanding, the tank was yellow again and smooth but dull. I used the Plastic Renew according to the instructions and it really brought the shine back out. It does dull some every now and then but I simply hit the tank with some fine steel wool and the Plastic Renew and it shines back up. It's not perfect but I am really happy with the results and I am pretty picky.

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My procedure - see results here - http://www.80sminis.com/2009/07/1982-cr80.html

Here's what I think is the best approach -


1) Sand back with 400 grit wet and dry sandpaper (use wet) if the scratches are deep.

2) Move to 600 grit

3) 800 grit

4) 1200 grit.

If it's just old plastic and not scratched up start with 800 or even 1200 sand paper. My tank had some oxidisation on the top and it required 400 grit to remove it.

Now for the actual polish I've been using two types and still figuring out what works best. The first polish is Silvo and the second is Meguiars Plastic Polish. For polishing cloth I've been using Kenco Polishing Cloth and Kenco Microfibre Buffing Cloth.

I find that both these polishes work in different ways but offer similar results. Silvo goes on as a very runny liquid and dries quickly to a white haze. It's then polished off once dried. The Meguiars polish goes on like a cream and doesn't really dry. It's polished off while it's still wet after being applied with a polish applicating sponge I grabbed from a can of Kitten Polish.


Like I said above, both polishes give similar results. What I did find is that the Kenco Microfibre Buffing Cloth gave superior results for giving the plastic it's final shine. So, my conclusion would be to use the Kenco Polishing Cloth until you think you're ready for the final "shine" stage.

For my front guard, I probably spent around 3-4 hours sanding, and then about 4-5 hours with the polishing. During the sanding process you can step through the 400-800 grit stages pretty quick but you should spend the bulk of the time on the 800 and 1200 stages. At least 2-3 hours on the 1200 grit stage - maybe 4 standard sheets of sand paper.

The Meguiars Plastic Polish ($18AUD) is twice the price of Silvo ($9AUD) but I would go with it for the scent alone. The Silvo has a strong solvent smell while the Meguiars Plastic Polish gives your typical car polish sweet smell.

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Yep, No easy way if the plastics oxidized. It's either a sharp blade to take it back to normal plastic and then mega sanding..or just mega sanding..Get a nice comfy chair and go to it as no product from a bottle removes oxidization from plastics.

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