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03 crf 450 jetting for FMF powercore 4? starting probs

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i bought a dynojet kit and installed it on the bike, the bike ran fine but had a little bog but picked up instantly i was wondering if u just have to live with that or can it b fixed ,(it's on a cruising then WOT punch). i never adjusted the mixture screw on the carb, but did after i rode it. i set it to there spec of 1 and a half turns out , after that the bike wont start so i have it turned out around 4 or 5 turns out. but the bike pops somtimes when i try to start it . it takes a while to start and i have to twist the throttle slightly to make it start. when warm sometime i have to repeat that procedure

all i have it a fmf powercore 4 and a boyessen quickshot pump

ride under 3000ft prolly around 1000

i was wondering if the jetting is even needed with this pipe??

i also just bought a rev box trying to see if this will help with the starting

also the bike started fine before i turned the screw and when the bike was stock started perfect hot and cold. it also started hard after a fall or trail riding at slow speeds

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