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Anyone here from Hawaii?

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Asking cause I might be going there soon, and know nothing about hawaii, but would love to get some riding in while there, if there is a place I could rent a bike, or whatever. Thanks Ron

What island? What town/city? I think only the big island has dualsport bikes for renting but not sure. Put a search on TT for Hawaii riding to see what's been posted before and possible links. Check here in the favorites and subscribed for some Hawaii riding vids to check out:


I ride and live on Oahu. Kahuku (on Oahu) has a riding park. It's on the north shore of Oahu . You would have to find contacts on other islands if you are going there. No dirt rentals on Oahu from what I know. You can start to get an idea of the type of riding etc after checking out the vids. Hope to see you riding here.👍

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Gyro Ron. Google maps is your friend on this one. It is the big island.


We are staying here....


68-1400 Mauna Lani Drive

Kohala Coast, HI 96743

I am too stupid to figure out what island it is on. Looks like one of the larger ones though.

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Maunalani is a beautiful hotel on the kona coast of the Big island of Hawaii. Try checking out here for more big island connections:

Also...The MaunaKea 200 is a famous race that is held on the Big island. It is unlike any race anywhere. Unfortunately it has been cancelled this year. I just came back from the big island last week. It is beautiful and very different than the rest of the islands. Be sure to check out kilauea crater and the volcano national park. Although it doesn't involve riding you wont find an active volcano to visit anywhere else in the U.S. Do your homework ahead of time to see other stuff to do before you get there so you can get an idea of logistics to get where you need to and see what you can.







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