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02 WR Clutch

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Hi fellow Blue Riders,

My 02 WR 250 clutch feels like its on the way out (min lever pull to disengage). Don't want to get caught out on a long ride.

Have checked adjustments on cable etc and all OK. Pulled out friction plates and checked thickness ~ all around 2.9 mm and steels look good. Spring free length 38.5 mm.

At what thickness do you recommend a change -manual says min thickness 2.7mm

What thickness are new friction plates?


Aussie Bennyroo

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Did you have any grooves from the plates in your outer basket? If so, they will hold your plates apart and cause them to slip. They were formed mostly when the plates were full thickness, and now they are worn down. Once this cycle starts, the plates wear thinner, and don't get full contact. I bought a KDX that had this problem.

You can carefully file the grooves out so that they are just barely gone. You do this by laying a fine file from one grooved face to the one on the opposite side of the basket, and filing down smootly. There used to be a dealer (I think) on the east coast called "surf and turf" that would actually do this with a CNC mill and make it perfect. They did this to my son's YZ125, and it worked great. The CNC is overkill IMHO.

Either that, or you've got something else going on...

Hope this helps,


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