GETTING A WR400-street legal-need info

i am 6 foot 175 punds. I have minimal hours on a honda 230 and smaller bikes on trails and dirt roads. I dont have much street experience besides a ssr110. I am getting a 1998 wr400 for around town and some very minimal highway riding ( no longer then 10 miles). I also will be riding on trails and dirt roads. Is this bike going to be alright to get used to. Will I be able to handle and get used to this bike. Any recomendations on mods for better street capabilty.


Where in California u located? But first thing would be to go to ur DMV and ask to see if they allow you to make it legal I did mine over two Years ago

You better do a search here. There is info a lot about this. It is a %50 chance to reg that bike in CA. Call DMV like Lopez said. Getting info here is not first hand.

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