00 426 kick starter lock up????

I just bought the bike, It was not well maintained, but it was not ridden very much. It will start 1st kick...now that I have the infamous tdc ritual down pat, but it will start, and run for a bit ..and then abruptly shuts down. Sounds like a carb problem...right???? My worry if that sometimes , not all the time the kick starter binds up solid...mechanically.., not from the compression. I have to drop it into gear, either in 1st or 2nd it makes no difference , rock it back and forth a bit , and that always unbinds the kick start lever, and then it usually starts up again on first kick. I adjusted the valve clearance and inspected the cylinder and piston, with no wear whatsoever on them.

The oil was dirty, changed it with new filter, i found no shavings of any kind in the used oil.

I just fired it up today, it idled fine, rode it around for a couple of minutes and shut it down.. Sarted it up again, no problems. Started it an hour later, i let it run maybe a min and I noticed the first 2 inches of pipe coming out of the motor was turning orange, ( new to the big thumpers...is this normal)so I shut it down. Just started it an hour ago and it stalled after 10 sec, and locked the kick starter up again.

I need some of the expert advice I ve been reading on this site for the last couple days, some of you guys really know these bikes in and out, give me some ideas please.


The header thing is normal.

The first place I'd look for the starter problem is in the gear train behind the clutch.

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