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03 WR 450. need to buy a new battery. best one & prices????

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I just bought a OEM battery for my 04, the original one lasted almost 5 years, so I figured stick with what's worked in the past. TT store has them for $117.

Theres a couple companies making lithium batteries for bikes now, but they're even more expensive and seem to have mixed reviews. I guess the benefit is they're smaller and lighter.

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If i were to replace my battery, I would get one of those turntech ones.... they are a lot lighter than the stock battery

I have an 03 WR450 and recently installed one of the 5.0 amp hour units. I have to say it is a great battery and worth the $$, but it took a little bit of creativity to get it to fit right.

Turntechs come with a nice durable plastic battery case, but the 5.0 case is slightly too big to fit in the OEM compartment of an '03-04 (The 2.5 case may fit ok, but I can only speak to the 5.0 AH). I ended up popping the cells out of the case, wrapping them in saran wrap, then overwrapping them again with electrical tape. When I was done only the two terminals were exposed. Did all this after getting the blessing from Joe at Turntech - would have shrink-wrapped them if I had time, and Joe offered to do it for free, but I needed to go riding. Works fine the way it is, and haven't felt the need to change it since.

The unit is so much smaller than stock that I had to insert some wood block spacers to allow the OEM rubber straps to tension properly. I also had to carefully drill out the holes in my stock battery wire terminals because the Turntech uses larger 6mm screws. Be very careful if you do this (go slow) as you can easily shred your battery wire by wrapping it around the drill bit.

So there you have it - great battery, but takes a little work.

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