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04 125 with no spark replaced some parts to fix it but still no dice what else to do?

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ok so bought an 04 cr125 that has no spark. I replaced the kill switch(it didnt have one), the coil (it was broken), and the stator(which i had to solder in). Still no dice...i mean what else is there to replace...i know i can replace the cdi biox and the magneto but what can i do to?

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check to make sure your coil pack is connected correctly. Make sure the positive lead from the stator is in the correct spot and not reversed.

second, make sure the plug wire is connected. some coil packs come with a separate head that caps the sparkplug... make sure the wire and cap are together.

make sure the cap is on the plug correctly.

replace the spark plug. (make sure the spark plug has the ball removed from the end before you try to attack the wire... our dirtbikes need the ball off and the threaded portion is what comes in contact with the spark plug wire.

the part about you 'soldering' the stator concerns me. It shouldn't need to be soldered unless there is some underlying issue that hasn't been mentioned.

start small, then work larger, no sense replacing a cdi box if it was something simple like the spark plug end.

best of luck

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