Sea Level Jetting

Where have you sea level guys been ending up on jetting on the '01 426? I've had mine for a week but there's way too much snow(over 2' in my back yard) to ride here in Indiana.

Any input would be appreciated for a good starting point.




Pretty fly for a fat guy!

48 pilot, stock main, fuel screw at 1-1/4, needle 1 pos richer on the clip sea level in ct now. runs great!!!!


All stock here, runs great.


I had trouble getting the bike to start w/stock jetting and when it did start it was hard to keep running for the initial warm up period! So I put a 168 main 48 pilot and 1 1/2 turns on fuel screw! Runs great and idles when I start it up (like it should) and rips all the way through the powerband til i hit the rev limiter(which i do alot)! Hope this helps! Jetting is bike/rider specific just experiment w/ it jets are cheap for a reason!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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