'03 wr450 w/rekluse clutch

i have a '03 wr450 and love the bike. i mostly ride in the woods here in the southeast. i was wondering if the clutch would make the bike easier to ride in the woods? also does it make it where you just shift without a clutch? and is this an install i could do myself with a shop manual? (pretty good with wrenches and mech. ability)

I love the Rekluses in my bikes. I have on in my YZ 250, but not the WR yet. That will be next. Where the Rekluse shines is in the technical stuff, rocks, roots, switchbacks. You don't have to worry about using the clutch to keep your momentum, the Rekluse does it for you. And yes, you just shift without pulling in the clutch lever. Of the 2 models, Z-start and Pro, I like the Pro way better because you can still use the clutch when you need it and it has more of a stock lever feel. Install is easy on both. If your capable of changing out a normal clutch, you can do the Rekluse install. Their directions are good and they are very helpful if you call them with questions. As soon as I come across a good used one for the WR, I'll grab one.

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