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just bought 04 YZ250, some questions

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Hey guys i just got a 04 YZ250 the other day. Bike feels like it runs strong, was treated and maintained very well

So this past Saturday i took it to some local riding areas for a shake down, she felt very good (much better than my ktm 125) ANYWAY

after coming to a stop sometimes i hear the engine surging a bit, although it doesn't do it when starting it up, just after you come to a stop

coming from car experience this would be like a vacuum leak of some sort?

While riding WOT it almost sounds like the bike has an exhaust leak, but the springs and seals are good, and there is definitely not an exhaust leak

Also when its hot, its kind of hard to start, i guess it could be since I am not used to kicking a 250, and it seems like pulling the choke even when hot helps it start up. My old bike would start on the first kick all the time

throttle response feels great on it, revs up freely all the time, never bogs

is the bike running lean maybe?

Running Sunoco 100 octane mixed 40:1 with Golden Spectro oil

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sounds a little lean to me. Could be an air leak and could be jetting.

im gonna go over all the bolts on the engine tonight and make sure everything is snugged down, the idea of an air leak scares me

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