Other things that break on a YZ426

Dave, you've got it good now. Maybe she will give you a toe job.

Originally posted by DaveJ:

In either case, at least I can take the boot off, exercise, shower, and keep my girlfriend happy.


Dave I broke my tib in an accident in 91 and had similar surgery, they put the rod inside the tib from my knee to my ankle but did not have to pin it.. I had lots of problems and several follow up surgeries but the best thing I did was have the rods taken out after the healing was all done.. Still have lots of arthritis pain but its strong none the less. THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU CAN DO IS WEIGHT BEAR IT WHEN THEY LET YOU AND STRETCH YOUR QUADS,HAMS AND CALF MUSCLES EVERY SINGLE DAY OR TWO TIMES A DAY. Stretching is the best thing for those muscles and tendons as they will cause you nothing but trouble if you don't.


Hope you get better quickly and completely!

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