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Just did the jetting and airbox mod on my wife's TTR 230

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It started right up and did seem to warm up much faster. There isn't a night and day difference in how it runs, but it definitely seems to rev a little bit quicker, doesn't pop, and just plain runs better. I used to have to keep the choke on, and took quite a bit of time to warm up as they tend to do. After the mod, it seemed like right when I started it that I didn't even need the choke, or could push it in right away and it would keep running fine.

I haven't done anything to the exhaust yet, and am not sure I will. My wife is a beginner, and the bike will probably be fine her for awhile.

I went with the 130 main, 38 pilot and also drilled out the fuel screw brass plug. Ironically, when I checked it, it was set at exactly 1 1/2 turns out. (which is where I started with it) ­čĹŹ

I also pulled off the air snorkel, the backfire screen and also drilled three holes in the top of the airbox with a hole saw.

Runs great so far! Thanks for all of the tips. Great site.

Btw, I had a tough time finding the jets as many people have. I ended up getting them at the links below. They showed up in about two days or so, which was great.

#38 pilot - http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/yamaha/Y-43F-14342-19-00.html

#130 main - http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/yamaha/Y-288-14343-65-00.html

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