Trail Tech X2 on a 2006 WR450F?

Per the title. Does anyone know if the Trail Tech X2 lighting system will mount to a 2006 WR450F? Looks like a great light and would look ba-dass on the bike.


From Trail Tech:

It will not. We do not have one at this time that is a plug and play version for that application. You will also need to upgrade your electrical system before you can run an HID light off of that bike.

Justin Yancy

Trail Tech Inc.

Tech Support and Sales Dept.

So my next question is whether or not the wires match up as I can simple pull the connectors from my existing light? I did this when I installed a keyed switch in place of the push button so I imagine I could do the same here. I'll let you know.


From TT:

Well once the electrical system has been upgraded then I would just recommend the generic X2 HID light with our three position switch harness for it. It is extremely easy to install. The switch harness just hooks up to the battery and then runs forward and mounts on the handlebars and then plugs into the light. This switch harness will allow the top light to be on for the low beam and both lights to be on for the high beam. It all so has an integrated kill switch so you can move your stock one to this switch also.

Durrrr... Of course.

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