My WR stopped working after some hard work

Sorry for the new thread but I dont know the correct terms to use the search.

Last ride my WR450F stalled while I was reving it high. It was a slippery ground and uphill, so i was trying to go uphill. The bike did run nice for about 20s of rev and suddenly stalled. After this I tried to start it without success.

Then I waited 5 minutes and tried again and it started! so i could ride about 20 meters ahead and it stalled again. This was the last time my bike run.

The point is When I tried to start (Electric start) it after that , it started and worked for 2seconds and died. Next trial it worked for a bit less, and after 10 trials it wouldnt even show a signal of gas explosion.

I left the bike on the trail and came back next day to get it....

it still have the stock compression on the kick starter.

What happened, any ideas?

PS. My friend told me that some WR's came with a chronic problem on the coil´s wire. Is it true?

I had an 04' that i had a similar problem with and it ended up being the coil.

Thank you!

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